M&J making a donation at Mognori, Ghana
M&J making a donation at Mognori [Official Photo]
Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives are standards and measure that M & J Travel and Tours put in place to benefit society, customers and its employees.


Our aim is to achieve a positive impact on society, environment as a whole while maximizing the creation of shared value.


M & J is committed to protecting the environment, health, and safety of our employees, customers and the communities where we operate. We recognize that by integrating sound environmental, health, and safety management practices into all aspects of our business, we can offer best tour packages and services while conserving and enhancing resources for future generations.


Giving back to society, whiles conscious of our social and environmental impact on the earth. There is a saying in Tourism “WITHOUT INTACT NATURE THERE IS NO ATTRACTIVE TOURISM”

This is very keen to M&J Travel and Tours to contribute positively to our environment and find ways we can minimize our Carbon footprints.

Tree Planting at Mongnori
Tree planting activity by M&J at Mognori, Ghana [Official Photo]


As a tour operator, we work to ensure that we are responsible at every stage of our trips, arranging for our travelers. We create the best possible experiences for our customers while ensuring the places we visit are impacted positively and also make sure are activities do not degrade fragile environments, which our employees satisfaction is been taking care of.

  • All our trips aim to minimize carbon emissions by providing alternative ‘green’ travel options such as, public transports, cycle routes, energy –efficient tour buses trips. Preserving the environment, we are Eco- conscious on how to minimize our traveler’s carbon footprint as they travel by air by purchasing carbon offsets for air travel, walking where possible, carrying usable water bottles, recycling plastic water bottles and reducing our dependence on plastic products.
  • We have planted 600 trees at Mognori (a community in the Savanna region); they remove and store carbon from the atmosphere, slow heavy rain and so reduce the risk of flooding, enhance air quality and improve the rural heat desert island effect, by reflecting sunlight and providing shade. And plans underway to plant for trees in the coming years.
  • We contribute to the community by, using local guide, and appropriately trained, equipped and paid for the services they provide.
  • We advice our customers to buy souvenirs from local people, but not banned souvenirs or souvenirs made of parts (skin, fur, and others) wild animals.
  • We also support local traditions in the protection of traditional cultures. We educate our customers about local and indigenous cultures, arts and foods.
  • We encourage local artisans, craftsmen and help them keep those practices alive to continue to be passed through the generations.
  • The company gives back to the destinations it visits, such as supporting local school, with our responsible practices we contribute fairly to everybody involved.
Tree Planting by M&J at Mognori
Tree planting activity by M&J at Mognori, Ghana [Official Photo]



  • Responsible sourcing (accommodation, ecolodge, A4 paper and other eco electrical gadgets) from our suppliers
  • Adherence to the National Labor standards
  • Environmental protection, conservation of natural resources and waste management
  • Anti- Corruption measures (M&J staff Handbook pg. 10 and 11)
  • Upholding social equity, gender equality and other human rights goals.
  • Child protection: condemns all forms of commercial sexual exploitation of children in the context of travel and tourism. The company, customers and its employees shall strictly comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the prevention of this crime. We have signed the CHILD PROTECTION CODES with Travelife, (TourCert in progress).
  • We monitor the CSR index and practice of our partners and suppliers
  • We review the standard of sustainability of our suppliers and partners and we try to influence them in the direction of sustainability and responsibility.
  • We protect the cultures of our respective destinations and respecting the socio- cultural authenticity of our host communities and also contributing to their inter-cultural heritage.
  • Travelife Certified
  • TourCert in progress
M&J planting trees at Mognori, Ghana [Official Photo]
M&J planting trees at Mognori, Ghana [Official Photo]


  • We do not employ Children to involve in any of our activities
  • We pay our staff wages according to the National Labor Standards
  • There are clear overtime regulations (M & J Staff Handbook pg. 8)
  • Regular surveys of employee satisfaction.
  • There is clear annual vacation for employees (M & J Staff Handbook pg. 12)


  • We monitor our customer satisfaction with special reference to responsibility and sustainability through customer evaluation form.
  • We inform our customers on the sustainability of our tour packages and products
  • We give preference to sustainable means of transport and accommodation to our clients
  • We give/ brief our clients about their code and conducts before beginning of any tour activities.